Cryptotickets are available with a licensing model fitting your needs

Cryptotickets add measurable value to different business models. Large enterprises increase security, compliance and usability. SaaS providers get closer to their customers by placing their services directly into their customer's Intranet. Sometimes, Cryptotickets integration is required continuously, sometimes only for a limited duration.

For each business model and time-frame, Cryptotickets are available under a matching licensing model.

  • License subscription (for short usage durations)
  • License purchase (for long usage durations)
  • Enterprise licensing model (few generators, many evaluators)
  • SaaS-Provider licensing model (many generators, few evaluators)
  • Point-to-point licensing model (cryptotickets can only be used for one portal and one service)

For pricing, please contact us to get a quote matching your business.